Thursday, October 7, 2010

Damn! DOUBLE damn! Ohhhh fuck it.

Yesterday? Was borderline suck-age. I think I've been pretty good about staying calm, cool and collected throughout this whole week (it STILL hasn't really hit me like a freight train).

So it's pouring rain. And I don't mean my California self is exaggerating at all, it was pouring, the wind was blowing, streets in Maine aren't exactly well-lit ... and here's the irony: I plug in the address I need to the GPS, but evidently, the salon has since moved. So I'm pulling into a commercial driveway to call the salon when BAM!

I run over a curb. Not just glance it or whack it ... but full on JUMP over the curb in my little Toyota corolla. This stretch of 5 driveways without a single curb ... and I hit the 2 foot stretch of curbline. Because it was pouring and I didn't see it.

I got lucky and happened to pull into a spot. I looked at my mom and was like, "Oh man. I think I royally fucked up my car. Steel isn't exactly forgivable. I'm gonna get out and check things out."

And uh ... my tire is just ... the air is hissing out. I've screwed up the rim (great.) and the wheel cover has punctured the sidewall. My trial hair appt is supposed to be at three. I look across the street, and HOLY SHIT!! There's Acapello Salon! So at the very least, I've broken my car within a very walkable distance. Downside? It's pouring.

I started freaking out a little ... I think my temples were actually pulsing. Mom plucked my AAA card out of my hand (mind you, I'm no sissy. I'll change a tire. But it was POURING. I kinda didn't want to) and tells me to very carefully cross 4 lanes of traffic and get to my hair appointment and she'd handle the car. (THANK YOU MOMMY!)

The hair appointment, went smoothly.
My bridesmaid Molly however? Was having a terrible travel day; she and her boyfriend had purchased their tickets on Craigslist. Hers was good, but his was a fake. So they paid top dollar the counter to get a legit ticket. THEN they find out that they had a miscommunication with the rental car, and no one actually reserved the car ... so they'll pay top dollar for that, too. They find a good rate for a pickup in Portland (maine, not oregon), and figure, Ok ... we'll just pay the day-rate in Boston. They get to Boston, and there aren't any vehicles available for less than $250/day. I tell her to get her ass on a train ($20/person one way) and I'll pick her up in Portland. They do. She's here, her travel day is over. All I have to pay for is a tire ... she had to pay for airline tickets at the counter, and the day-rate for the car for the week. I think she's officially $400 over budget.

So. I get my spare tire put on, I get in the car ... and the front-end definitely needs to be realigned. I'm not surprised, but I do notice that my low-pressure tire light is still on and I'm 90% sure that my rear left tire is going flat. Keep in mind  the spare is on the front. So I'm thinking ... DOUBLE damn!! This is NOT good. And then? It gets better. It's raining, I have a punctured front tire, my back left is possibly going flat ... and there's a MAJOR traffic accident on the one highway in Maine. Route 1 is also jacked. It takes me an hour to go 20 miles. The ONE DAY I want to be home quickly (and safely!) ... is the day it's not going to happen. I know nothing about tires, and the tire place is trying to sell me a tire that's a CLOSE MATCH to the other 3 ... and I asked him for his recommendation. He recommended the Goodyear Integrity. So he gets it on, and I remember that if the tread isn't an EXACT match ... it won't drive right.

It's 6:30 at this point and I find out that the EXACT match? Can be in and on the car at 11am.
Now take off that other tire please, and SHAME ON YOU for trying to gyp me! Jerkface.

President Obama royally fucked everything up for my brothers flying in from CA and my cousin Dylan coming from CO. The three of them were supposed to be on the same flight ... but Dylan got booted. He left his cell phone in his apartment in CO and he lost his wallet on the airplane ... so he had no money, no idea and no cell phone and had to spend the night in Newark.

For real? Yesterday SUCKED.
Now let's get married and have a great rest of the week.

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