Monday, November 8, 2010

Where or where...

should we think of going after our duty in Maine is done?
The obvious choice is San Diego ... it's where I grew up, I know the area, I love the weather. I love everything about Orange County/San Diego area ... but is it the right move is the question. At this point, my career has yet to get off the ground. The problem isn't my resume or portfolio, I've had it critiqued by multiple industry professionals, all of whom say "Wow. If we were hiring, we'd bring you on ourselves."

So ... I've got the right stuff. It's a matter of finding the right company. But I'm worried about moving to CA without a first job ... LA/OC/San Diego is completely saturated with marketing and PR professionals, is it really the right enviornment for me? So I've considered the Washington D.C. suburbs ... and Drew made a face, and I told him to stuff it. I moved to Maine with little complaint. He can move to D.C. for me, if only because I'll never get to choose where we go ever again.

San Diego is where my heart is. It's the safe move. But the question is really going to be, is it right?


  1. The first city to come to mind is NYC. Its filled with every kind of position of every type of job. BUT I have to think realistic and I would say DC is your next best choice. I'm not very familiar yet with the California area but I have heard it a business state.
    I would definitely do DC just because there's alot of IO, NGOs, government agencies and etc you are in dire need of PR's.

  2. I say you are thinking in the right way, however... and as a friend I say this. You may not even get to go to DC and you might end up somewhere equally as stupid as Maine... like 29 Stumps or Yuma. I know, I know... you do get to pick where you go to an extent, but I never put it past the Marine Corps to screw you over at the last unsuspecting moment. I think you know this better than I do. :/

    But, on a positive note... I hear the market here in CA is getting better. Perhaps things might be different by the time your next year and a half is up. Maybe the market will be MUCH better. Only time will tell. I'd love for you to come back to CA, but... that's still some time away and I wonder if we will even be here by the time you get the chance to come back.

  3. Being that I live in the DC area... I'm not sure the job market is much better than CA... just take the move in stride! =)

  4. My vote is for DC, if the Marine Corps deems it in their best interests. :) I would've loved to have spent more time there.