Tuesday, February 22, 2011


No, not my husband (although that'd be pretty awesome at some point, too) ... me! Kind of, anyway.

I can't remember if I made it public knowledge that I procured an entry level job as a front desk /admin assistant/ jack of all trades, master of none position at a radio group. Radio group, you ask? Yes. Radio Group. My company owns 9 radio stations here in Maine, and yes, all of their studios are in my office complex. No, I don't ever plan on segwaying into some on-air time. But I wouldn't say no if they asked me.

So this afternoon, I've been asked to open up my schedule next week for training in traffic'ing (programs the ads that runs on the radio stations) ... which is awesome, becuase the two departments I wanted to get into were 1) Traffic  2) Promotions.

Feeling pretty stoked right about now. I don't get a pay raise, but I get to do something a little more involved than filling out affidavits for advertising trades with complicated programming and answering the telephone. Sidenote: us Comm majors? We subscribe to the KISS method ... keep it simple, stupid!


  1. this is great news, friend! super stoked for ya!

  2. Congrats!
    Btw, I just realized that you and I have the same major,,,go comm :)