Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why Can't This Happen to Me?

I must have the meanest parents ever. They gave me a car when I really wanted a pony.  (OH yeah, Taryn. So mean. Brand spanking new 2004 Scion xA is just an awful gift....)

Stay tuned for how reality-check adult version Taryn figures out how to manage a full time job and the responsibilities of owning a horse. (The honest version? Is that it's not possible until I retire.)


  1. Aaaaaawwwwww that was so sweet!!

  2. I'm sure they really wanted to get you a pony! They just had to be more practical. ;)

  3. Psh. The answer to the "I want a pony!" has been: No since I was 6. :P Pretty sure they knew a LONNNG time ago that if Taryn wanted a pony? She could pay for the pony