Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SoCal Sad Moment.

I have a favorite pair of sandals.
In fact, in true Southern California girl fashion ... I've practically lived in my Rainbow Sandals since my freshman year of college. Maybe it's an Orange County thing ... considering most of us are well within driving distance to San Clemente. Who knows. Either way? My Rainbows were always my shoe of choice.
I slipped them on this morning to get my car warmed up before heading off to work. (I know. It was 16 degrees out and Taryn was trying to find any excuse to wear the sandals. I'm a little crazy.)
Slipped them off while I finished my morning primp.
I come back out?
And Bristol has chewed the foot thong apart.

I've noticed that the things that Bristol tends to chew? Are genuine leather. I should really consider putting things back where they came from knowing full well I have a 5 month old curious, teething puppy. Clearly, her box full of toys + two NylaBones, Kong & Rawhide aren't nearly as appealing as my favorite pair of Rainbow sandals.

The plus side? I have an excuse to buy (2) new pairs of Rainbows ... considering my other pair completely fell apart. But at $50-$80 a pop ... I'm not super stoked about it.

End my SoCal Sad Moment.


  1. I never even knew what Rainbows were until I met you. LOL

  2. You are so not crazy for wearing sandals in the freezing cold. I do it, too!(maybe we are both crazy) I own more flip flops/sandals than closed toe shoes. Sad, really. lol!

  3. I love Rainbow sandals! I'm sorry yours have been destroyed. Our dogs do the same thing... but the older one had a fetish for upholstery... my couch, my box springs, my loveseat, the carpet... :) The younger one likes pillows. Try filling the kong with peanut butter and freezing it. Our dogs LOVE that. Like doggie crack for a good hour!

  4. I am new to your blog and wanted to stop by and say hello!

    Also, I am a Florida girl and we LIVE in sandals. Especially Rainbows. We are stationed in SoCal and I thought that my flip-flops would be my life out here too, but since I am so use to such warm weather, I get chilly out here! Needless to say, I had to add some cute flats to my shoe collection.

    Hopefully you can find some deals on some sandals soon in time for spring.

  5. Nicole, it'll get warmer closer to the summer. ;) REALLY hot, actually. 100+ on more than one occasion

  6. Greeeaaaatttt Just like home. Lol.