Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rainy Days

It's been doing this all day:

Super motivating to get things done today, right?
I think the only thing productive I've done for the day was make it to my GYN appointment this morning. (Probably #1 on my list of my least favorite activites. It takes what, 5 minutes? But it's awkward).
The really awkward thing is ... I'm sitting in my cube at the office, truly avoiding the stack of paperwork that needs to be filed. Sometimes, it blows to be entry level. What I wouldn't give for a lowly intern, potentially even lower on the corporate totem pole than I am.

Fun fact: It's a major pain in the ass to change banks.
Why would I change banks if we bank with NavyFed, a bank that caters to DoD?
The ONLY branch in Maine is closing.
Awesome ... considering 50% of my income is cash....
Back to Bank of America we go. I seriously doubt we'll change banks again; it's great that there's DoD banking available ... but BoA has twice as many locations in more places. Besides, for as much of a pain in the ass this is? I don't think it's worth it to close the BoA account once we get closer to a Navy FCU branch in the future.

The positive for the day? Drew showed up at my office in full uniform "just to say hi".  This is the second time that he's done this. The man may not send flowers, but he's damn cute when the purpose of his visit was to say hello to his wife. (AWW!) 

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