Thursday, October 6, 2011

1 year ago ...

I wrote this post. (Well ... almost 1 year ago.)

Truthfully? Husband and I will be taking off for a long weekend. Our destination? Bar Harbor, Maine. We'll see you on Monday ... with plenty of photos, because a New England autumn? Is fabulous.


  1. I started following your blog because I too am a Marine wife. I also love Maine and my most favorite place to go in this world is Bar Harbor! I have never been in the fall (we have only been there during summer) but my mom is from there and my grandmother has shown me plenty of pictures of the fall foliage. As soon as my husband and I get back to the states we plan on getting out and settling down in the D.C/Northern VA area where we were last stationed. I cannot wait to be able to take another trip up to Bar Harbor and check it out during the fall! Where are you staying? My uncle owns the Acadia Hotel on Mount Desert street. My cousin owns Macey's on Main Street so you should check it out if you are in the mood to do a little shopping :). Have a wonderful time! Can't wait to read your post and see all of the great pictures!

  2. Aww Congrats! We celebrate of 3rd anniv on the 31st :)
    Hope you have a amazing weekend! Looks like your going to a beautiful place!