Monday, October 17, 2011

can you be "too" proud?

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I think there's a good chance that I'm the only person in the world that finds these graphics extremely obnoxious. To me, it really alludes to a sense of "I'm better than you". While there are far more factors involved, being in the military is at the end of the day just a job. I would be just in love (and proud of!) with my husband if he were the VP of Marketing. But you don't see these wives plastering it all over their car or preferred social media. What exactly is the point in bragging? While a "proud [insert DoD branch here] girlfriend/fiancee/wife" is less in your face ... I have to wonder again, what is the point? Yes, our service members put their lives on the line. Yes, they deserve our support. But nowhere in there does it say "Air on the side of slightly disrespectful of others' occupation".

I'm proud of my husband ... but damn, do I really need to put his rank sticker on my car? Last time I checked, I wasn't the one in service. As such ... his rank doesn't belong on my vehicle. I do however, have a yellow ribbon decal on my back window. That kind of support is a little more appropriate.

The point of this blog is certainly not to bash how people choose to be proud. I just don't understand why being proud has to sound an awful lot like a popularity contest. From "my daddy wears combat boots" to "If you're not dating/engaged/married to a [insert DoD branch servicemember], raise your standards."

Maybe it's not glamorous to work in retail or HR or business management ... but people are proud of their jobs. Just because your man doesn't go to war or leave the family for months on end does NOT mean there is a lack of standard.


  1. I definitely think some of those little sayings cross the line into disrespectful. People can be proud without being obnoxious and rude! I think the obnoxious and rude wives must have the obnoxious and rude Marines for their husbands;)

  2. Hell no! Get that shit away from me!!!! LOL You are not alone. There's a line to be drawn with those things.

  3. I'm with you on some being "too proud". However, I do think our all volunteer force keeps everyone else from having to consider those obnoxious stickers and that has cost my husband a lot these days. I'm proud of his choice to serve, even if the "just a job" has taken his legs and forced us to reinvent our future and marriage. I am angry at this war, I'm angry at ignorance, I'm now a proud warrior wife... but I'm trying hard not to let it paint my whole world. There are other things I'm equally proud of but don't feel warrant a sticker. ;) except pet ownership. THAT's sticker-worthy!

  4. Omg, we totally share the same brain. Great post!!