Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marine Wife Dirty Little Secret ...

So the Staff Sergeant selection boards came and went. Drew was in the below zone for E6 ... and he was passed over this time. He's a darn good Marine, and is less than 6 months away from completing his B-Billet as a recruiter, so I really believe he'll be chosen at the next SSgt Board.

A MARADMIN came out over the summer that said all Marines have either a) 10 years   or b) 2 SSgt Selection Boards to be promoted to E-6 ... or they will be discharged from the Marines. Part of the thinning out process.

2011 marked his 9th year in the USMC. 2012 makes it year #10. 2012 will also make it his second SSgt Selection Board.

My little secret?
It wouldn't break my heart if he was no longer in the Marine Corps.
I enjoy having him for supper.
I enjoy knowing there isn't a deployment in our midst.
Mostly, I enjoy this semi-normal life we've been living.
It's incredibly selfish, I know.

Do you have any dark, dirty little Military Wife secrets?


  1. Oh wow, they shortened it. It used to be 12 years to get to staff or they give you the boot.

  2. if its anything like Army, they don't get picked up their first look.... As for dirty little secrets.. I secretly hope my husband gets slightly injured so he doesn't' deploy next month and stays for the birth of our first child in Feb.

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  4. No, it's not like the Army in that way- they go by zones, below zone, in zone and above zone. It all goes by time in service, and time in rank- certain accomplishments and how many spots are available by MOS. My husband got promoted out of below zone on his first try, so it happens. If you are in the above zone, however- you are in some hot water and better prepare to get the boot.

    and Taryn, I doubt Drewby is going to get the boot. :) They'd be stupid not to promote him next time around.

  5. We prob have a long ways to go. Hubby got meritorious Sgt at his 4.5 year mark as 0331. So hes been Sgt for a little over a year. However his SSGT got SSGT only being a Sgt for 3 years (Not a Marine for 3 years, a Sgt for 3 years)! Kinda gets my hopes up for my husband :)

  6. Danny can't reenlist until 2013, but they are already saying no one is going to be "allowed" to. I honestly think it's the dumbest thing they could do for the USMC. Getting rid of people who know their job, but haven't been in that long. They sure will be kicking themselves if something awful happens and those guys are needed again.

  7. I have a feeling that we're going to get involved with Libya somehow.

  8. The Navy seems to be having the opposite problem with their sub officers- no one seems to want to stay in! Can't imagine why..... :P It certainly has made Hubby's career much more predictable.