Friday, December 30, 2011

The Brutal Truth

I notice that Hanna was doing a Brutal Truth series, and I thought her questions were pretty damn fabulous insights to getting to know a person. So, Hanna ... I hope you don't mind ... but I stole your interview questions. :-)

What's your greatest Weakness?
Sweets. I just can't say no!

What's your greatest strength?
I am one hell of a determined individual. The word "No" generally doesn't stop me, especially if it's something that I want or want to achieve. 

What has emotionally crippled you in your lifetime?
My ex-boyfriend from college. The story is much too long to tell ... but the short version is that he was a master manipulator and was a pro at emotional abuse. Part of my staying with him for the better part of 4 years probably had a lot to do with the fact that he was a lot of "firsts" ... first kiss, first boyfriend, first well ... you know. Whatever the reason: he held a power over me. Four years is a long time to feel emotionally tied to someone; especially if they don't deserve that dedication in the first place.

What has elated you with joy in your lifetime?

I found my paradise, my personal happy place when I started riding and training horses several years ago. This is a 15 year love affair that constantly gets put on the backburner because of all the cost involved. Life happens ... and unfortunately? Horses suck almost $1,000/mo out of my paycheck. There are other things that need to come first.

Have much have you evolved since your teenage years? Are you a similar person?

When I think "teenaged years" ... I think high school. And if that's the case? I've stayed pretty damn true to my 15 year old self. I'm still a mostly happy person, I'm still interested in the same things, and I still wear my heart on my sleeve. I think the only difference is that I've  refined my "endearing" qualities.

What's something you don't want to tell us about?
Believe you me ... I have some secrets/skeletons in my closet. And they stay in the closet for darn good reasons.

When the world is crashing down on you, where do you go?
Usually? I go to my friends. Or my husband. 

Do you have any goals? What are they?
I want to have a successful career that I love going to every morning.
I desperately want to own my own horse. I haven't quite figured out how to make this possible without breaking the bank.

Can you honestly say you love what you do?
Right now? No, I can't. It's entry level, so it's a lot of grunt work for not very much money. But the plus side? It's more money than I was making before ... so I'm really not that unhappy. But I can't use the word "love" to describe how I feel about my current position.

Who has been the single most influential person in your lifetime thus far?
My mother. She's a strong, sassy and independent woman that I love unconditionally and a person I look to for good advice and sound direction.

Honestly, we are all striving for something, what is your greatest goal in life? (I'm not talking about money!)
I've had the same goal since I was 9: I just want to be happy. Legitimately, truly happy. If Harold can paint his world the way he wants it with a purple crayon, why can't I?

Are there people in your past that you wish you could make amends  with?
No. I don't burn my bridges on a whim. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice: shame on me. 

What memory will be forever burned in your mind to the point where  you can smell the room and feel the energy?
The day Andrew proposed to me.

What movie and or book speaks to you? 
"Trying Hard to Hear You" by Sandra Scopettone. It's set in the seventies, and follows a group of teens in a summer theater program. It all takes a turn when two of the boys come out as homosexual in a time period when being gay was right up there with committing a heinous crime. It's a story about acceptance, a story about love ... and a story about being who you are.

What is your greatest wish right here and now?
Truly? Honestly? Right now I'm wishing that Drew and I find ourselves stationed at the 8th & I Barracks in downtown Washington D.C. I want it so badly that it's impossible for me to not be heartbroken when the USMC decides otherwise.


  1. tryn......I'm so glad you decided to participate in my interview:) AWESOME answers!!! GUESS WHAT?? YOu won the shabby apple pencil skirt giveaway so I'm emailing you now:) CONGARTS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR

    xxoxoxo Hanna

  2. Love the pictures of you getting engaged!

  3. I'm your newest follower! Love your blog! My husband is Navy!