Monday, December 5, 2011

Miscellany Monday

This is the first time I'm linking up with this meme!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
{one} I really like my new job, but I'm finding that the position comes with moments of busy and moments of either a) nothing or b) tedious/boring data entry. Seems pretty typical for sales; riding the ebb and flow.

{two} How do you measure true love? When you've mentioned to your husband that you're seriously considering staying in Maine until next November instead of PCSing with him in June because it's an incredible job that you enjoy ... and he asks his monitor to extend his tour on recruiting duty so he doesn't have to be separated from his wife if he doesn't have to be. God love him, because I know how much he dislikes being a recruiter. He would put his own comfort aside so that I can succeed in my chosen career path?! Bless him. We had already put in a request for orders in August, so I don't know that they can backtrack ... but it's the thought.

{three} Adjusting to a salary has been a little different. Part of me thinks I was stupid to up and quit waiting tables when I did, the extra $50-$100+ per shift would be really handy right now. Things are a *little* tight, especially since I don't get paid vacations or holidays yet and we're taking a trip to Pennsylvania/Maryland for the holidays. Right now, we can pay our bills, gas and groceries ... but it doesn't leave much "fun" money for now.

{four} Holy crap. I'm going to see my brother and father in 3 weeks! When they found out that Drew and I were solidifying plans to go to Baltimore for a few days, they bought a flight out from CA as well! My mother will not be joining them ... Drew and I were supposed to be moving in June and she wanted to use her vacation time to come see us over the summer. I haven't seen my family since July; so this will be a great opportunity.

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