Friday, February 17, 2012

Agility = Stuff.

Here's what I've learned:

When you start thinking you might want to compete with your dog in agility? You start acquiring "stuff". Now, my husband and I live in a small townhouse without much storage space (I've thrown things away that I didn't necessarily want to part with simply because I had nowhere to put it!) ... so I've been doing agility the "poor man" way:

I flipped my chairs on their side to make jumps.
I found a large Tupperware container, threw my Yoga mat on it and thus my Pause Table was born.
To train weave poles, I went out in the woods with a pocket knife and came back with sticks that came up to my waist. Sat down and whittled (yes, whittle) one end of the stick and made a point so I could shove it in the ground. Stick in the ground weave poles? Perhaps a little on the pathetic side ... but it got the job done before the ground was too frozen to shove the sticks into the soil.
A collapsible laundry hamper became a tunnel. Toss a sheet over it and VOILA! A chute!
One of the doors on our microwave table broke off, so right now I'm using it to simulate a plank.
Oh, and by the way? A frisbee is our "target".

But ... we do need to learn weaves.
So I may be investing in a set (read: $150 excluding S&H). I'm here to tell you, after riding and competing with horses? $150 for a piece of equipment?? Psh. No biggie! I don't want to tell you how much it costs to get "stuff" for horses.

And perhaps I need to invest in some collapsible jumps.
But there's no denying an obvious fact: when we move into a house with a little more lawn space than I have right now?? More "stuff" is going to be finding it's way into our possession.

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