Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Winter: STOP IT!

My front "yard"

I can't believe that just last week, it was 80 degrees.
And this is what I woke up to.

Happy !

In equally as disappointing news, I think my 2004 Dell Inspiron 9300 has officially bit the dust. Just in time for me to move away from my husband for 60 days or so. :-/    So I'm having a bit of a dilemma. Do I save my pennies for an iPad 2? Or do I brush it off, suck it up and fork over $500 for an inexpensive laptop PC? Sure, I may want a Macbook Pro -- but at the present? I don't have a need for it. All I really want to do is surf the web, Skype and maybe perhaps play with some apps and/or read a book. 

What do you think? Refurbed PC laptop with Microsoft Office for $500?
Or iPad for $400? Or even the iPad 2 for $500 ????  (But my question is this: what exactly am I getting for that extra $100? Is it even worth it for my current needs?) I view the iPad as a toy, more or less. But the laptop to me has some functionality.

I woke up this morning pretty psyched about maybe turning into a Jr Media Buyer for a rep firm at some point; and an iPad might be pretty convenient to take along on client pitches. But then again, I have no problem schlepping a laptop, either.

So! Weigh in! I need all the advice I can get! (Of course, with my financial situation being what it is ... by the time I get my funds together, it might be July before I can buy either. But hey, that's beside the point.) 


  1. For the things you're planning to do, go with the iPad2. It's a lot better purchase than refurbished pc, and you can read the book, Skype, email, whatnot. As well as you can get Pages/Keynote/Numbers if you need to put together any kind of documents. And you can have external keyboard etc for your iPad too.

    If you like to edit pictures, you can use the light version of Photoshop on iPad.... It really is a lot better investment than oc.
    Make sure you get an iPad big enough though, books etc do take space.

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