Monday, March 19, 2012

In 4 weeks ...

I can't believe it, but I'll be moving to Washington D.C. !

Say what?
Yes, folks.
My husband received orders to the 8th & I Barracks in Washington, but we weren't supposed to move until June. All of that changed when I received a job offer! The only hitch in the giddyup was that they wanted me to start in April. After very quickly weighing the pros and cons, I determined that this was too good an opportunity to pass up! So high ho high ho ... it's off to the Capitol I go!


  1. Congrats! I'm jealous you get to live in DC!

  2. Congrats! We are here now for another year or so : )

  3. Exciting! We miss DC all the time, what a great city to live in. Good luck with the move!

  4. Word! Look me up when you get here!!!!!!

  5. Tagged you! And yay for the big move!!! :)