Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tales from the Metro Volume 2

This isn't as amusing a story as you would probably hope. I know darn good and well that the southewest quarter of DC is well ... less than desireable. I'm not saying that *just* because it's a low income area automatically equates to crime/hate & discontent .. but they usually go hand in hand. I must have driven around for a solid half hour trying to locate the parking garage for the Anacostia stop, and all I was confronted with around the Metrobus station were signs that said "DO NOT ENTER". Okayyyyy ... great, well how in the heck?

So I drove around some of the side streets.
I'm no sissy ... but I wasn't about to ask the "local color" for directions. Young woman lost/confused in business casual? Well gee, that's not a giant target or anything ....

Dear WMATA: It'd be awesome if you could make your Metro Parking signs a little more ... well, visible? I understand that not every location is New Carrollton, MD ... but it'd be helpful for morons like me that evidently can't find the parking garage even with a GPS.

In conclusion: perhaps it was a good thing... I found that I can make it to my office in 30 minutes even with heavy traffic. Parking for the garage underneath my building boils down to $4.25/day and even with the cost of fuel ... ends up being less expensive than a day's worth of metro + parking. Unbelieveable.
I drove through rush hour traffic in Los Angeles for the better part of 4 months, and you know what? This was nothing. *Knock on wood*
I really hope K-12 being out of session has nothing to do with it.

BUT! Can I just be the first person to say that public transportation = hours of entertainment if you enjoy people watching. (Best *ever* was being sat on by a morbidly obese person. I'm sorry, did they forget their ass was larger than a yardstick? I'm small, but not that small you know ...)

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  1. School being out definitely helps! We just recently PCSed to North Carolina and I can say that the traffic is one thing from DC I don't miss.