Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Little Black Raincloud


I don't usually want to climb back into bed and call it a day in the middle of an afternoon. But sometimes, I think I need to start my day over, especially if it gets off on the wrong foot right from the get go. It's only Tuesday, I can't be feeling so angsty already.

Drew left for North Carolina yesterday. Jury's still out as far as when he actually comes home, but we're hoping he'll be able to make it back for Thanksgiving.
Noggin has been giving me a hard time at the barn. I rarely leave in tears.
I hate financial blips on the radar that I wasn't expecting. I'm tired of this happening at least once a month.

I self medicated with booze yesterday. I kinda want to do it again. That's probably not healthy. But oh my GOSH it was fan friggin tastic.


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  1. Stay strong. Keep busy. Once you get in your routine, it'll be easier to deal with him being gone. Let's do a skype date soon, or maybe we can tackle the mists of pandaria together. :)