Friday, August 27, 2010

Burn outs?!

It is much too early for me to be feeling ... "burnt out". I have a 50 hour workweek with 20 unpaid hours ... big deal, T. Drew works more like a 60-70 hour work week. I'm still trying to cover my tracks to make up for a $500 surprise.

I paid the cell phone bill last month -- put it on my credit card. And then Drew broke his windshield and needed it replaced, so I told him to not worry about paying me back. GULP. So that makes it what ... $700 in surprises? And then my Dad wants to know when I can pay him back the $375 he loaned me so I could make my car payment on time.

FACEPALM. So ... basically I owe something around the lines of $1075 ?

I could really really really use some extra cash flow. Like, really. And at some point: I need to get Athena to the vet for a vaccine. Never mind that I was just there in July ... and I ASKED THEM if there was a vaccine in her near future that we could just ... have done that day. They said no. Imagine my surprise when they want her back in the office less than 3 weeks later. :-/

Seriously? $50 office visit is killing me. I don't mind paying $20 for the injection ... I do mind that I'm going to spend $50 extra because someone missed something in her chart.

The world is a terrible grievance today. I'm determined to believe that one day, money won't be so tight, I won't be so damn grumpy and Drew will come home before 8:30/9pm (although 10/10:30 seems to be normal right about now).

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