Saturday, August 7, 2010


I noticed something about myself recently. I don't know if it's been inspired by the fact that I may very well live with Drew and frankly just don't see him often enough (getting him home for dinner before 7:30/8 is a rare treat)  .. or if I'm very slowly becoming a pathetic sap.

I've found that whenever he comes home, I generally stop what I'm doing and gravitate for ... oh I don't know. A hug? A kiss (and I think he knows by now that a peck on the cheek is generally bull shit in my book)? He usually wants to watch ESPN. I generally situate myself on the couch, near him. When I come home from work late at night, I carefully push the door of the bedroom open to see if he's awake or passed out with ESPN on.

Bottom line.... I gravitate toward him. When did I become his satellite? I would imagine he hasn't really noticed this behavioral "quirk" of mine ... but oh my, I've noticed. Things are always more shocking when you realize them for yourself.

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  1. Well I think it is how it should be :) Wanting to be with the one that you are with is a beautiful thing. :)