Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Such is Life

I think I took it for granted that Drew used to come home before 7:45pm on a regular basis. To me, anything after 6:30 was working a little late ... but it was definitely bearable. And nowadays: 9:30/10pm is pretty normal. I'm not jealous of the 14 hour days he keeps and his 70 hour workweek. Although ... his absence has made me crabby. I know he can't help it and that he'd rather be at home on the couch with me and a movie. But when he comes home? All he wants to do (and not that I blame him) is sleep.

Here's an out-of-body experience: missing someone you live with and see everyday (kinda).
I felt bad on Monday: the wedding invitations finally arrived, so while the repair guy was fixing the plumbing in our bathroom, I was stuffing invitations. I didn't get to finish before I went to work, and by the time that I got home at 10:30? I was officially a bitch. And while we were stuffing, addressing and putting return labels and stamps on 80 invitations... I think I ripped Drew's head off 5 times. Pretty sure he was going to make me sleep outside. And this foul mood carries over into Tuesday ... and people think I'm flipping out because of the wedding? But the reality is: I can be crabby just because. I think I'm mostly crabby because I miss him, but I try not to make a fuss about it. I learned a long time ago that Taryn supressing emotion is just ... not good. It's kind of like putting a cap on a bottle of soda and just ... SHAKING it. Eventually (after a long while) ... it calms down. But if you screw the cap off a little bit: explosion!

In more amusing news: I "love" production day of any newspaper or magazine. All kinds of cussing and swearing and opening InDesign and marking stuff up with blue or red ink ...

I swear, being part of an editorial team again is just all kinds of fun. One day: it'd be sweet to get paid for this.

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