Friday, October 29, 2010

Milspouse Friday Fill-in

1. What’s the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?Hmm. I think back to when I flew out to Texas to visit what's his face and just about everything on that trip was a disaster. What's his face wasn't answering his phone, it was POURING rain, the itty bitty 1-gate airport was closing, I was what, all of 20, so I couldn't rent a car, I had NO money so I couldn't take a cab ... he was supposed to be picking me up so I didn't make a hotel reservation ...
And some nice lady sat with me the WHOLE time and paid for the cab and made sure I got into a hotel. I  don't believe in God, but I send up a prayer for her all the time. And that was almost 5 years ago.
2. If you are having a hard time going to sleep, what do you do to help yourself?Big glass of milk and a mild over-the-counter sleep aid. I can't believe people take Tylenol or Advil PM ... why take a pain killer when all you need is the sleep aid?
3. Name something that makes you wish you were a kid again.Generally, it's whenever life gets hard. But Halloween makes me want to be a kid again, it's such a fun little holiday.
4. What is something you never believed until you experienced it?I'm going to leave this one blank ... 
5. What can’t you say “no” to?ANYTHING that has to do with me and horses. I'm absolutely horrible with saying "no" on that subject.


  1. I think your #4 is about SEX! HA HA HA! ;)

  2. Cute blog! It is very bright and fun (:
    That was such a sweet gesture from the lady who sat with you the whole time.
    By the way, I read your post about "HUH" and that reminds me of my experience with "YUP" (:
    When my family was stationed at Ft. Drum, in New York, everyone from there would reply with a "YUP" when I asked them a question. I am a southern girl so I am use to hearing "yes ma'am"... "YUP" was a huge change for me. To this day my husband and I still make fun and every now and then we throw in a large, rude "YUP" just for giggles when we are talking! ha!

  3. That is so sweet what that lady did for you!

  4. bahhahhaha, i'm with Erin on number 4! LOL!