Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday in review

Dear Holiday Shoppers,

If you spend all your $$$ shopping and as such don't have enough to leave your lovely server a 15-20% tip? You did NOT have enough to go and eat out in the first place.

- One Grumpy Waitress That Should Have Walked With $120 Yesterday

That was my Black Friday. I got up at 6:30 so I could be at the magazine like they demanded and I'm so not joking: no one from the editorial staff was there. It was just the publisher and a gigantic book scanner and STACKS of the thick bound archives. I sat there for an hour while they loaded the program onto the new laptop ... and then I had to go. Because I said I was only there for an hour. So really, I spent my morning just sipping on my Starbucks (creme brulee latte, for the record ... is quite bland. Either they didn't use any syrup ... or I just don't taste anything anymore).

When all was said and done, I suppose it could have been a lot worse. I came home, had some pizza ... and I went to bed. I hate working "retail" on Black Friday. I didn't have to be up before the sunshine, but I did have to be up early-ish for a Friday

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