Saturday, November 27, 2010


Drew-man and I are getting antsy waiting for the holiday weekend to be over so we can probably hear back from the rescue group when we can pick up our dog! In fact, I'm so antsy ... that I went out and bought a collar, leash and a harness. I figured we need those items to pick the dog up as it was. But I didn't buy just any collar...

If you haven't met my husband, you probably don't know that he's a larger-than-life Red Sox fan. Also a big fan of the New England Patriots ... but I'm almost positive he'd do just about anything for the Red Sox. 

He smiled. And then he asked me "Did you hear from the rescue yet? Can we pick him up?"

No, I haven't heard from them yet. It's a holiday. Maybe Monday?


  1. hahahah, DH is just like that but for the Saint gear, I'm more of a Pats-Red Sox-Celtics fan and would've argued not...of course I won :)
    But that's good in getting those items ready, last thing you want is your dog running around collar-less.

  2. A Red Socks fan, eh? I don't know how well that'll work out here in the good ol' OC. (just kidding)