Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i heart {light flurries}

I truly consider myself a SoCal Native ... ignore the fact I lived in Maryland for 10 years and have in fact: seen ice storms, blizzards, snow days and negative temperatures. But then we moved to Sunny California ... and I spent 14 years basking in sunshine and relishing 80 degree weather in December. I miss the everlasting summer. 

I found out last year: that it isn't the snow that I mind so much. It's the inevitable cold that goes along with it. I've also discovered that for all the grief and laughing and finger pointing that went along with moving to the "North Pole" so to speak ... the Midwest gets hammered more than I do. (Joys of being coastal. The beach is a whopping 5 minute drive from my apartment in Yarmouth).

Anyhow. So it's almost Christmas ... and it hasn't snowed in Southern Maine yet. I don't really count the flurries mixed with rain that turned into a big mess. But it's 25 degrees (BRR!) ... and any minute now, I do believe the flakes are going to start falling. I heart flurries: I dislike Nor'easters and blizzards. I think any weather pattern to the extreme is a strong dislike!

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  1. This post makes me miss Maine so much! My husband's family live in Bangor and I can't go with said husband to visit them over Christmas. Enjoy the snow! :)