Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I want!

I know I said "HELL NO" to a puppy.
But I was trolling (I think nine times out of 10 ... it's a listing site for hobby breeders) and stumbled across this little girl:

How pretty is she?!
Except for one thing: those beautiful blue eyes were likely caused by the dilute gene known as "merle" ... a coat pattern that is not accepted in the breed by AKC or the American Spaniel Club. I've heard it rumored that merles are more likely than non-merle dogs to have hearing and vision problems, and since those issues are already prevalent within the Cocker Spaniel breed ... it makes me hesitate with this particular dog.

But isn't she pretty to look at?!

My favorite coat color across all dogs? Hands down bar-none is chocolate. Love it. And not because I've secretly wanted to name my dog "Scooby Doo."


  1. Adorable!! I looked at cocker spaniels before I got my puggle, because "Lady and The Tramp" is my favorite Disney movie, and thats what Lady is. So I didn't get the cocker spaniel, but I did name my puggle Lady! :)

  2. I'm 99.9% this dog has a merle gene ... he blue eyes and mismarked nose is a dead giveaway, but she's so cute.

  3. So adorable! But then again, I love almost all dogs so those eyes melt my heart.

  4. She's adorable. But puppy eyes are like the lady-version of kryptonite, really. Even if you don't like dogs, you still just melt!

  5. So beautiful!!

    I had a cocker spaniel. He had a lot of problems with his ears and the vet told us cockers live only up to about 8 years. He lived for 13 years before we put him down...he was a very happy dog and I miss him everyday!

  6. She is a beauty! Maybe you are meant to help and guide her through her "merle" life?

  7. She's adorable!!!! I've ALWAYS wanted a spaniel!