Friday, December 17, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

I found out this afternoon that the PR firm that spoke with me twice and met with me in person twice ... wanted to go a different direction.

That was the sound of my forehead connecting with the desk. I think that makes it interview #6 that has gotten *close* but no freakin' cigar. I think that after 1.5 years of relentless pursuing, I'm a little bit DONE with rejection. I worry now, that my parents are going to be epically disappointed in me. It's almost 2 years post-grad, and I've made no progress. My brother is 21 and is being offered a position with Disney in their finance/accounting division. My parents paid for our educations ... and I feel like he's the one making them proud. But me? I got married to Drew. His career is going to take us all kinds of places, which really makes it tough for a career-oriented girl like me to really throw down some networks and roots.  But dammit, Mom & Dad ... don't feel like you wasted your money putting me through college. I enjoyed learning. And I picked up a few skills along the way: I just haven't had a chance to put them to good use yet.

But you know what?
Screw it.
I hate my job as a waitress, but the money is decent and Drew makes enough supporting us both. My mother was a little incredulous and asked me if I was really planning on sitting at home and doing nothing.

My answer?
I am absolutely choosing to be a little bit of a slacker.
Because thus far, all I've got is a lot of disappointment, and I've been a proactive, networking, enthusiastically determined little person. 
I choose to cut out the disappointment. I choose a different path in life: the path I call contentment. No, I'm not where I thought I'd be. No, it's no necessarily making me 100% happy ... but I think I'm okay with it.

So, in the meantime: while on my quest for career-nirvana ... I choose to keep swimming.


  1. It'll be ok. You are much more determined than me. I gave up looking for a job about a year after I graduated from APU, and said SCREW BUSINESS... hello, Nursing! haha. I wonder if by now I would have had a job had I not given up... oh well. I'm not looking back now. I'm swimming on my way into another field. Things will start looking up for you, just don't compare yourself to your brother or anyone else. You are a unique individual with your own unique challenges living in Maine. :)

  2. Every day that I go to work, I try to figure out how on earth four years of college got us all to this...strange wasteland of a place where instead of living the dream, we're all waiting in line for our turn.

    Just remember, even though the now is horrible, that time and effort was not a waste.

  3. I'm sure no one is disappointed in you. This is probably one of the worst times in history to be our age and job-hunting. One of my Starbucks coworkers has an effing MBA and can't find a relevant job that pays more than 'Bux.

    I think that as long as you're happy, you have all the success you'll ever need.