Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dear Powers that Be

To the Powers That Be:

I love having Bristol. I don't mind that she's not 100% housebroken, and I really don't mind that she occasionally chews on shoes ... it's really more of an incentive to put my shoes out of her reach. But I do mind her out of control excessive barking if I step out of her sight. The citronella bark collar worked like a charm for a whopping 7 days, and now she's figured out that if she barks long enough: eventually the canister runs out of spray. She's also figured out how to turn her head away from the spray.

My current dog trainer hasn't provided me with any tools that works for her. I've tried treats, a TV/radio playing, articles of my clothing, toys ... running her until she's exhausted before I leave her. Nothing works. The excessive barking MUST stop.

She's made excellent strides with the crate ... at night, she goes in no problem, and waits very quietly until someone wakes up to take her out. It'd be great if she applied the same principles when I left the house. I'm coming back, Baby Bristol ... I promise.

Powers that be? Throw me a bone. My dog is wonderful ... she's smart, she's adjusting well, she plays gently with my cat. My neighbors would appreciate it if she didn't bark so much. I'd appreciate it if her barking didn't get me evicted.



  1. In time, Taryn. She just needs to learn that everything will be OK even when you aren't around. Everything is still new to her.

    Try the stuff I suggested that Major's trainer suggested to us. We had success with those techniques. Hope you will too.

  2. We have 2 Miniature Schnauzers that bark a lot when we leave/return too and I have tried all of your methods as well. What has worked for us is to put a few pennies in a Coke can and when the pups bark, we shake the can and say "no." They really don't like the noise of the coins banging on the can...and stop barking. We leave one by the front door so when we get home, we can shake it and it stops them before the barking gets out of control.

    Hope this helps!

  3. I am assuming you are trying to stray from using an electric bark collar, which was what I was going to suggest. My dog barked twice with it on, and is really good about it now. If it gets out of control, we just have to say "Do you want the collar?" and it stops. Funny thing is, I haven't had the collar itself in probably 5 years.