Friday, January 14, 2011

MilSpouse Weekly Roundup #19

My life seems to revolve around the dog now, and not so much on building a career
I busted my butt in college for a career in public relations
I busted my butt here in Maine for a career in public relations
There comes a point when the word "No" is just ... depressing.
I've listened to the word "No" since I graduated from college
My last interview ended with the phrase
I'm sorry, but we're going to go a different direction.
It ticked me off, considering the firm had met with me 4 times
And then I realized: I'm officially and completely deflated.
I'm tired of being unhappy.
I'm tired of putting everything in and getting nothing back.
For Christmas? We bought Bristol from a breeder in Pennsylvania.
I think my parents are a little shocked; it's very unlike me to give up
I wouldn't call it "giving up"
I call it taking a break.
We have 18 months left here and are guaranteed to move
My plan? Is temp administrative work when Bristol gets older
And if that fails?
I'll start over when we get where we need to be going.
As much as I love the no-plan plan .... I'm taking a break from having a plan.
I'm taking a break from disappointment.
I'm taking a stroll down the lane of being legitimately happy.
Won't lie: it's really nice on this side of the fence.
It's a really nice change from stress and worry.


  1. Bristol is adorable!

    And I totally understand your needed to take a break from the stress and disappointment of job searching in a less-than-ideal market. Do whatever makes you happy!

  2. Such a cute puppy! What kind of dog is that?