Friday, February 11, 2011

Quarter Life Crisis

I'm 24 years old.
And I just used the phrase, "Oh, I remember that song! That was so IN when I was in middle school!"
("Sex and Candy", by Marcy Playground)
Last time I checked, I was still young.
Too young to be reminiscent.


  1. Returning the visit! Ah Michael is 25, so I know he's in the same boat you are! Geez, ya'll are ANCIENT! Jk, like a good wine, you get better with age

  2. I was dancing in my car to a Paula Abdul song, thinking about how much fun that music was in middle school. Then I realized I was listening to the OLDIES station.

  3. Yesterday we had a dance for all the kids who passed their multiplication tables test at school. One of the other teachers who is about my age picked 'N SYNC's Bye Bye Bye as the last song for the day. All of our kids were like what is this song? Who the heck is this? Then I remembered that I wasn't much older than them when this song was popular. lol