Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One of "those" days

It's a freakin beautiful day in the neighborhood this morning. (Sarcasm).
I've been pretty good this week about getting up at 5:30 to walk the dog so I still have time to shower/change/feed the dog/go to work. This morning, I was definitely running late ... so I figured I'd throw a ball for the dog for 30 minutes and hopefully, her sprinting for that amount of time would be enough to last her through the afternoon.  Except! Calamity ... 20 minutes into it, and Bristol starts limping.
{Groan} Awesome-possum.
In all likelihood, she pulled a muscle. And human IB Proufen/Aspirn/Acetomenophin is toxic to dogs. I might be able to get away with baby aspirin, but I don't know the right dosage for a puppy, and I'm also not administering any kind of medication without a vet approval. And as my luck would have it, all the vet techs were busy with AM appointments when I called, so I shrugged it off and figured I'd call later.

I get to work ... and I'm immediately met by one of the morning DJ's who said that one of my cut numbers for an adI put thrugh yesterday isn't playing the right spot. GAHH! Turns out, the production order with the correct advertisement never actually made it to production and it ended up in the program director's mailbox out front, not the one out back. PANIC! I see a lot of make-goods happening in the future. Basically? Not my idea of how I wanted to start my workday. There have been internal server issues all week, and the real root of the problem (my belief) is that we're working with aged equipment that desperately needs to be replaced.

It's a stormy day. Dropping everything from hail to pouring rain and thunder/lightening. It's just a super awesome thing to commute to work in. I'm beginning to think I'm having a Monday on a Wednesday.


  1. I give my dogs aspirin, you can look up the dosage by weight online. My sister worked as a vet tech and she told me it's the only med you can safely give to a dog. Major busts out with a limp every once and a while when he plays super hard. Aspirin does the trick every time.

  2. Good luck with your puppy's limp. And yeah... I've seen what kind of ancient equipment radio stations/ even TV stations run off of. It's impressively bad.

  3. Yikes, I hope your day gets better girly :)