Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Link-up: Show me your furkids!

I may not desire human children, but I'm obsessively in-love with my furbabies, and I want to meet yours! So go ahead and link-up ... and tell me about your furry kiddos!

2 year old Brown Mackerel Tabby (long-hair)

This is Athena, and we adopted her from the animal shelter when she was just itty-bitty! If I had to describe her in a few words, I think she epitomizes the definition of a cat. She does what she wants when she wants to do it and on no one else's time frame. She sits just out of reach on the couch, but at bedtime? She's usually the one curled up next to you (or on you ... that tends to happen at 3 in the morning.) As my "first child" ... I have about a million photos of her. And you know? I'm not even ashamed of that fact. :)

If there's a box? She's always in it.
Itty bitty kitty! July 2007

8 month old Black/White Parti & Blue Merle American Cocker Spaniel

This little one is my baby! I thought about posting a slightly better picture ... but ya know? She looks like this most days anyway. Kinda shaggy; but I swear I keep up with her regular grooming, I just don't blow dry her fur straight on a daily basis.

Anyway. So this is Bristol, named for Bristol, CT where ESPN's Sports Center is broadcast. (Husband's idea to give her a sports reference) And you're thinking to yourself? She's a whaaat? A Parti and a Blue Merle? What in the heck is that?!

The black and white parti is easy enough to explain ... she's a black and white dog.

Now, when I say blue merle ... I'm referring to the way the mix of black/white hairs drastically change the color of her fur, and in certain light, the fur has a blue tint to it. But to save you some time, this website explains the merle gene in much more detail if you care to read about it. The photo below shows some of Bristol's unique markings.

Blue merle markings on hindquarters

I almost forgot ... one of Bristol's best features are her pretty blue eyes.

Peyton &Gizmo
1 year old guinea pigs
And these little girls? Are our guinea pigs. :) We are currently looking to rehome them, so if you happen to know anyone in the New England area that might be interested in offering them a new home, let me know!

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