Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Quarter of a Century

I think this means I'm creeping in on the word "old fart".
Welcome to the land of less expensive car insurance
The ability to rent a car without paying an extra $25 per day
And on this extra special day?
On account of the RAIN ...
I requested to 1) go tanning  [insane concept for this SoCal girl; but the natural UV rays in Maine won't give me much color]
2) Breakfast in bed
3) Indoor mini-golf
4) Viewing of the movie Water for Elephants
5) Dinner at Famous Daves, a barbeque restaurant about 30 minutes from our house

The original plan involved sunshine and taking Bristol with us wherever we went, since most of Portland is dog-friendly. But ... it's raining. And I gave her a bath already. And true story? I dislike wet dog smell. Hardcore. Right up there with wet-horse smell.