Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Baby Mommies

Dear Soon-to-Be Baby Mommies,

I know that you don't know that Hell froze over and pigs are flying, because the girl that said she'd never have a baby ... kinda wants a baby. And it's really just not the right time for 25 year old Taryn to have a baby. Why, you ask?

Well... financially, it's not right yet.One day, I will make more than $18,000/year annually. (Considering it cost me that much to get my 4 year degree? I damn well want to more than double my income in the next 24 months.)
And I still want to go to D.C. ... and I really don't think D.C. is a fabulous place to think about having/raising a kid. And if D.C. isn't available ... I'd love love love to go to Tampa. Or Charleston. Or Hawaii. Or Quantico... (and the list goes on).
My husband still squirms and makes gagging noises when it comes to picking up after the dog ... or cleaning up a little kitty hairball.

But that definitely doesn't stop me from aww'ing over all the newborns that I end up meeting . And it definitely doesn't stop me from being jealous of all you Mommy-to-Be's! Especially since one of Drew's best friends is preganant.

We're not "there" yet.
Just like we're not at the "home buying" phase of life (and likely won't be for another 10 years; when his mobile career settles down).
Sometimes, I wish we were "there".
I think "there" is a good 5+ years in the distance. Which means: potentially 2 more moves. Moving with an infant/toddler will likely = bane of all evil. Plus the dog ... and the cat ... (and my sanity).

I just thought I'd throw it out there ... I'm a smidge jealous of you all.
And those in the home-buying phase.
I expect it'll be my turn soon enough. But that doesn't stop me from stamping my little foot and wishing "later" would turn up "sooner".

Much love,


  1. I'm not ready for kids yet either... but I do recognize that I'll NEVER be ready... and all the financial planning and desire to have a steady home for a baby just won't happen unless I wait until I'm 39yrs old. I want to have kid(s) before I'm 30... for the simple fact that I'm selfish and don't want to entirely wreck my body (and people who have their first child after 30 risk many more diseases for their child) and I'd like to not be 60-something when the kid graduates college!

  2. Having a kid is like turning into a whale and having barnacles suck the life out of you. In fact, I used to call JC my little barnacle because he was always attached to me!

    Oh yeah, and I'm not kidding about the whale part. Like Skinnie Piggie said, they'll wreck your body... unless you're like Heidi Klum, in which case I'm jealous. :)

    And moving with an infant is not as tough as moving with a preschooler. Infants generally just sit around (those lazy infants!), while preschoolers want to see and touch and pick up everything.

    It's a tough decision! In the mean time, I totally get getting your "baby fix". :)

  3. I am in the same boat. At 25, I have the mommy bug, but I know it's not the best decision for us right now. We agreed the other day when we have a certain amount in our bank accounts, then we will be able to have a baby. Sadly, we are in the same boat as y'all making peanuts! I love teaching, but it seriously needs to pay just a smidge more! lol.

    We did however beat y'all to the home buying phase. Mostly because people here refuse to rent to people who own "bully breeds" and since we have two pitbulls, it was our only option. I live across the street from me good friend who owns had to join us in homeownership since she owns two german shepherds and a doberman. lol