Monday, July 4, 2011

New looks for T!

I've been feeling like the world's worst blogger. Boring posts, boring updates ... dare I say relatively boring life? (But that's what happens when you work 50'ish hours per week).

Well, here's an update: New name, a new look ... and one larger than life thank you to Jackie at Blushfuls for doing all of the photoshopping and layout coding for, get this ... less than $15.

At some point, to keep the blogging coming along ... I'll have to start tracking my wedding ABC's and put all those awesome photos in one spot! But, here's the hitch to my giddyup:

1. Puppy Bristol is super awesome and doesn't chew anything other than her own toys. Except, apparently ... power cords. She chewed off the cord to my brand new Bissel vaccum. (It wasn't plugged in. But we'd only had it for a week; so I was still hopping mad.) And she's stuck her little nose into our computer bag when we're not looking and chewed/ruined (3) of the power adapters for the Apple MacBook. (GAH!)
2. Because apple products = expensive ... I bought one for $40 on Amazon.
3. Turns out that jerkface scammed me. Took 3 weeks to get a refund.
4. I ordered a new one from a seller with 100% positive feedback.
5. Power adapter doesn't charge ANY apple product. I sent it back for a replacement.
6. At this point; my lithium ion battery = complete toast. So now THAT needs replacing.
7. I think I'm going to cut my losses and spend the $180 for two replacement parts at Apple.
8. And do a much better job of hiding/stowing my laptop equipment; because Bristol's taste for electronics? Is costing me a boatload of money.

And just in case no one followed my train of thought ... all my wedding photos are on the Mac. I'm currently using a P.O.S. 2004 Dell to do my email checking etc.


  1. The blog is looking good! What a deal!

  2. Jackie did a great job! I asked her to do mine a couple of months ago, but have yet to send her the details on what I want, lol.

    But yeah. If you pay more than $20 for a layout, you're getting scammed. :O

  3. Maybe they sell the apple parts you need at Electricity when you are down here in a couple weeks? If not, don't forget to flash the military ID at the apple store, it's 10% off! :)

  4. I love the new layout and the new name! I wish so badly to be able to design better - I should probably pay someone to do it.

    Hope your luck gets better - electronically!

  5. I like the new and fresh look around here -- although mainely-T was just perfect for you :) I am sorry to hear about Ms. Chewy -- Heavenly ate 3 pieces of clothing, Chris Vibram footsie shoes, and his brand new backpack, all = $200+ in ONE night. ugh. Fruuustraaating. I would invest in the apple products. At least those usually have a longer life expectation than anything else..