Friday, September 30, 2011

You know you're a parent when ...

Your dog throws up on you and your response is a shrug.
Yeah. Go team.
One minute we were watching Grey's and she's climbing on my lap ... and the next she's ralphed on my sleeve.

I think Drew was grossed out by the fact that I wasn't immediately concerned about changing my shirt.
My rationale? 1) It was bile.  2) I have what, three drops on the cuff of my shirt? And the rest is on the blanket??  3) Seriously. I've seen this dog upchuck her entire breakfast ... the outcome could have been much worse.

Although ... the flip side?
I think it's entirely possible I gave her too many treats during her agility lesson... thus the vomiting and the loose stool this morning. What can I say? I was super proud of my dog for completeing a sequence, suddenly understanding what a target is ... and grasping the concept of weave poles in a period of 10 minutes. Now ... if we can just keep her little ADD brain focused; we might actually be ready to compete in the springtime. She shows her true "young dog" colors when she decides the cricket on the floor is more interesting than the course we were just running ...

I was waiting for my cat to suddenly have a bodily function ... because generally speaking, if Bristol vomits? Athena leaves me a hairball ... and vice versa. Generally, I hope to not be in target range of projectile vomiting.

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  1. Ha ha I love that! We have 3 westies and people think it's gross when they do different things, or when we pick up their mess with ziplock bags. Non-dog people just don't get it lol.

    enjoy your weekend!