Monday, October 3, 2011

The No Good Horrible Very Bad Day

I hated yesterday with  passion of firey hatred.
I hated that I walked out of the Olive Garden with $185 for 3 days' worth of work. That is just NOT right on the weekend.
I hated that the office is not going to give me 30+ hours or a raise.
I hated that I have to work retail until Hell freezes over to make ends meet.
And I *hated* feeling like I wasted my time earning a 4 year degree.
I hate that I feel a little like a man without a homeland ... in the sense that I don't really know what I want to do with the rest of my life; I just know that I want to make more than $17,000/annually.

I really want out of retail.
Like ... REALLY really. I swear I'm a smart cookie. I didn't go to college just so I can be a waitress.


  1. This could SO be written by me!! My music ed degree is doing nothing for me, since music's always the first program cut. AND, miraculously getting a job would mean earning less than what daycare would cost, so I'd be losing money. My job as a middle school general music and chorus teacher in SC only earned me 18K after taxes.

    So unfair, right? What's your degree in?

  2. Yeah... right there with you... although I don't even have the waitress job.

  3. Ah, yes... URGH! I remember being in this place a couple years after I graduated with no luck- and it helped to go back to school, BUT I hope that I don't get into the same place once AGAIN after I graduate. The economy was supposed to be better now, and now that it's a couple months from graduation again it looks like the economy has gotten WORSE, taking nursing jobs down with it. Le SIGH!

  4. I was a Communications major with an emphasis in PR. True story though, I started as a Music Performance major. ;) Nowadays, I play for fun ... and not for my bread and butter. Honestly, it made the craft SO much more fun.