Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear Husband,

Dear Husband,

I've been particularly edgy this week. I'm grouchy that I do much more than admin work at the office and they can't (or more likely: won't) pay me appropriately. I'm grouchy that the management team at Olive Garden is playing favorites again and implementing rules they just can't seem to stick to. I don't have a problem with making rules ... I have a problem when they bend them for certain people, but not others.

I'm really sorry that I've snapped, flipped my lid and shouted. Some of it wasn't really your fault.

I love you. We had a fabulous vacation to celebrate our anniversary in Bar Harbor, and then we came home to reality. More like it smacked us both in the face and we realized WHY we took a vacation in the first place.

Your Wife

PS: I'm REALLY sorry I yelled.
PPS: I'm not sorry I called you an ass when you made the hobbit joke. I have Napoleon Syndrome, remember?

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