Sunday, November 13, 2011

No Subject.

My favorite sweater (in merlot)
With my new favorite scarf. (God knows I love mustard yellow)
What you don't see .... my turquoise pea-coat and mahogany heels. 
I looked the part of "autumn".
Actually ... it's what I wore for my "family photo" with my husband and my dog. By the way? My dog has an attention span of 5 seconds. Getting her to look AT the camera was a pain. She's adorable and a ball of love; but she has two speeds: 1) Full Tilt Boogie  and 2) Stopped.  I think our poor photographer is going to have to do a LOT of editing and blending work. (Sorry, Savannah! But Bristol's so darn cute that she's worth it, right?)

Random: I realize today as I look at this photo ... I really need a haircut. :-/  I liked it above my shoulders. I think I'm gradually working up the guts to go for a full pixie cut.


  1. Cute outfit! Dogs are terrible to photograph outside since they are so distracted. I wonder what it will be like when we go do to ours. I love your hair this length. :)

  2. I have a scarf that looks exactly like that...did you get yours at Target??
    Also, short hair rocks -- you'll cut your morning routine by at least 80%. :)

  3. Love that you are all full of color! AND I loved the little sneak peak your photog posted. You guys are adorable.