Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Changing Life Gears

In November, my life changed for the better in a pretty big way. Finally, at long last: I made it into the Big Kid Leagues and nailed down my first salaried, full-time position. (WOO!)

But here's the problem: just because I've moved on doesn't mean any of my friends have. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand and remember the trials/tribulations of being a student. I also remember that when I wasn't studying, I was working so that I could pay for my bills. I didn't have a social life.

But for me? College was 3 years ago. I've transitioned out of being a student. And I was recently able to transition out of being a perpetual work-a-holic.When I asked a dear friend of mine if she and her fiance were available ... the answer was "No, we have school stuff." I also know that they're very likely unavailable at any point over the weekend too, because they work. Repeat until further notice.

And I stopped.
I blinked.
I wasn't remotely upset; because hey -- I've been there and I understood. But that still means my Friday nights are just as uneventful. Turns out that Meetup.com isn't nearly as popular in Maine as it is in other cities ... and I was very disappointed that the Yuppy type groups are bigtime inactive. Drew has a similar problem in the sense that all of his friends have small children. Yes, all but one. ONE. So they generally can't do things last minute, and sometimes? I don't want to play Polly Pocket. I want adult beverages and inappropriate comedy. On a Tuesday.

When did life change? We're both stuck smack in the middle of COLLEGE and MARRIED/FAMILY LIFE.  Honestly, I know I need to meet some new friends. But the demographic at my office is 30+. And meetup.com is a bust.... and what I do for fun?? Is train my dog in agility. Super fun ... but the other women in her class are also much older than 30.

Pity party for a party of one, please.
Truth: I might be facing the same beast even if I moved back to SoCal ... that's what sucks.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, my husband and I seem to be stuck in the same place... but we have the added "bonus" of the single guys that just want to get plastered on a Friday night. *sigh*

  2. I completely get how you feel. Around the base it feels like it's 10x worse. It's like I can't find many friends who don't have kids to go out for a GNO, especially when our hubbies are deployed. Move to NC and then we can be childless and hang out :)

  3. I totally understand! We graduated 2 years ago. We know lots of single people who have a different agenda. Lots of older people with kids. We are just kind of lost. We have just ended up making friends with people who are a bit older than us without kids because well...they are still pretty fun even though they aren't as up for everything as we are!

  4. I have the solution! When you move back, just get a Disneyland pass! But I know the feeling. L is done with school and I have 2 classes left. He also got a "big boy" job while I am still stuck at Target. And, I swear I have marriage cooties. Still. But, if/when you do move back, I will have my laptop set up ready to go for a girl's night in :)

  5. um, I totally feel you, girl!