Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Insert stamping of little foot here

I am not a patient person.
I want to move into my house now, not sometime the week of June 11th.

PS: Privatized base housing? Got my first slap in the face in terms of reality. Folks, discrimination is alive and well and because it's privatized: they can do whatever they want. I've never lived on base before, and I really wanted to do it this time for the experience. I'll be really disappointed if my neighbors suck.


  1. When I got your text, I wasn't too surprised. With that area being limited in space and expensive in real estate, I would assume their first priority would be to Airmen and others stationed right there at Bolling. I can imagine that being in DC, it's a top heavy base too, which makes your opportunities even more limited.

    If nothing else, at least you're not having to house hunt and try to figure out how to make it all work!

  2. But then of course, it makes me wonder about Ft. Myer, Ft. Belvoir and Andrews AFB -- all are in the immediate vicinity. Bolling *is* right downtown; which makes it convenient... but my understanding is that it's essentially a melting pot of branches at that particular base. Nowadays, it's function is logistics and intelligence.

  3. True, true. Regardless, we have to remember that you got your first choice of duty stations! :)