Thursday, May 24, 2012

We have a house!

I hate stepping on anyone's toes ... absolutely hate it. But seeing as we were supposed to be moving in on June 15, and we have been #10 on the list since I moved to MD in early April ... I just wanted to Drew to call and check with housing to make sure we're still on track. No worries if it has to be pushed back a few weeks, but either way -- I wanted to know so I could figure out if I needed to buy a monthly train pass or a weekly.

Wouldn't you know it ... less than 48 hours after he spoke to housing: bada bing, bada boom! We have an address at Bolling AFB! (SQUEAL)

I did a quick Google Map search, and I'm pleased to find that while no, I don't have a backyard per se ... my house is backed up right against a big park! Basically, this means I don't have to keep throwing a ball for my dog in a cul de sac. I always worried that a car was going to turn a corner and hit her!

Down the street, it appears there's a dog park, which is again: great news for puppy dog.
Becuase Bolling is situated right on the Potomac, it looks like they have a small marina. Not sure if we can rent a slip and put our own boat in it (think my parents would mind if I dropped their 2003 MasterCraft X-Star into a slip down here??), but I definitely think we can rent a boat -- which probably means I can invest in my own bindings, wakeboard and tow rope. Or maybe not, I have no idea if you can do any water sports on the Potomac.

I can't wait to have my family all under one roof again! Honestly, while I'd make the choices again in a heartbeat: it still sucks.

But I will say this much ... if my experience on base is anything like Sarah's; there's going to be a lot more than just tears. I have high expectations. I have high hopes. And I really hope it's as rewarding as my brain is making it out to be.

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  1. I am a new follower and have read only four or five of your most recent posts and I can't wait to read more! You're hilarious! I'm engaged to Marine and have a blog you can check out if you wish :)