Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anacostia Metro

Let me preface this post by stating that I am not a sissy.  A little naive maybe, but definitely no sissy. I did get a little nervous when everyone and their grandmother made a face when I told them I was planning on taking the Anacostia metro to get to Arlington. Okay, it wasn't just the face. It was the fact that 100% of persons that I told this to made the face. When the consenus is that bad? I start worrying.

Day 1: I absolutely could not find the damn rail stop. Found the bus stop just fine. Drove around some of the side streets thinking that maybe perhaps my address was a little off. 45 minutes later ... I made the executive decision to drive to work. The local color looked a little ... well ... like I said, I'm no sissy, but I don't think I wanted to ask any of those people for directions.

Day 2: I drove to the Southern Ave metro stop ... 15 minutes out of my way. Found that one no problem. Big signs, gigantic parking garage ... couldn't miss it.

Day 3: Discovered from the programming coordinator at the office that to get to the Anacostia metro stop .. I needed to do X, Y, and Z. And you know what? If she hadn't given me directions I never would have found the darn place. Hidden, no address, no signs directing you to it ... nothing.

And to all those people that were worried about my safety? Oh for the love of all things Holy ... yes, the rail is in a dicey part of town. But it's also way off the beaten path and the only people at the metro stop this morning were individuals like me: heading to work dressed in business casual. Having driven around the streets of DC in that part of town, I can understand why people had the reaction that they did. Heck, driving back from Southern Avenue I got a little offput by the "scenery".

Should I call it a successful day if I didn't get shanked, robbed or raped this morning? I mean really, I doubt this was a fluke. I may have even overreacted on Tuesday when I opted to not ask anyone for directions. Note to self: just because it's a low income area does not mean it's going to equate hate/discontent/crime.

On a more positive note: I get to look at the Washington Monument from across the Potomac every morning while I walk my dog. How cool is that?!


  1. If I can make it in and out of Hemet safely on a regular basis- you can make it through DC. :) You'll be fine!

  2. Public transportation is interesting for sure haha

  3. was I the only one that didn't make the face and said, "you'll be fine because everyone will be like you!" yay Rheanna!!