Monday, July 2, 2012


Sorry I sort of fell off the radar! I moved into my new house (YAY!! I'll get pictures up as soon as I settle my "interior design" debacle) ... and then my parents flew all the way from Orange County, CA a mere 5 days later.Wasn't a great week for a stay-cation ... temps hit the high 90s, humidity spiked the heat index ... dear god, I think we're all about ready to melt!!

Here's a bit of what I've been up to ...
Washington Monument ... I can see this from my "backyard" !

House of the Commandant ... Marine Barracks Washington

My favorite margarita at my favorite restaurant

Holocaust Museum

White House

Marine One ... we watched it lift off from the White House lawn


  1. Great photos! I love DC! My love and I got engaged there in May…heading back soon to get engagement pics done! :)

  2. oh Danielle, I bet engagement photos in DC would be *amazing* !!!

  3. That margarita looks amazing! I would love to live in DC just for a few years.

  4. Moving up there (well up to Nova) soon!! I cannot wait and these photos just made me so happy!!!

    1. ;) And if you have any say in it, I'm guessing Alexandria is where you'd best-cased scenario like to throw a few roots down? Old Town *is* pretty amazing.

  5. Looks like fun! And Chili's has some awesome margaritas!

  6. Makes me think of our time stationed there... I don't miss that sticky summer heat though!

  7. What a great place to site see! Lots of good photo opps there.