Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rewind 365

This time last year ... I had just moved to Washington DC by myself. I recall this blog post from a year ago and I smile. I had just started my job in Arlington, was still figuring out public transit and living with my Aunt and Uncle north of Baltimore, MD. I missed my husband and my fur children terribly, but the separation was a small price to pay for the much bigger picture.
When I say "figuring out" public transit ... I mean being a creative problem solver when I either missed my train or wound up on the wrong one. Both of which happened the same week! Luckily, the public transportation system for Washington DC metro area = superb, and getting myself back on track was actually not hard. But then again, I'm the Queen of getting myself turned around or otherwise misplaced -- so I'm definitely no stranger to getting "un-lost".
365 days later, I am a happy camper. There's a lot about this area in general that appeals to me -- although truthfully, some days? I wish I could leave the brutal, heavy traffic in the dust. Or maybe I should start taking a motor boat from Bolling AFB to the Capital Marina....  Just saying. I can see my office building from my house.

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