Friday, October 24, 2008

Ring around the Rosie with the Reporter

Nice alliteration. :-|

I'm rapidly finding that one of the surest ways to pluck my last nerve is to waste my time. Add it to my list of pet peeves, right behind 1) limp handshakes and 2) doing what you say you're going to do. Time is valuable. I have other things I could be doing. Namely: napping. Or catching up on stacks of work. Because honestly, this past October has been the season of multiple deadlines. It's you know ... something like corporate life. If it's not a media alert/pitch letter/news release/letterhead for 362 it's probably a draft or final edition deadline for Comm 334 and if it isn't one of THOSE then it's probably time for a project for 467 to be finished and HELL if it isn't any of the above; it probably means I have some form of quiz or exam for Comm 407. (True story: I have reading quizzes every Monday and a chapter quiz every Wednesday. That's two quizzes a week. My brain hurts from information absorption.) 

The amount of work I have is irrelevant. I understand that this guy is SUPER busy because it's so close to the election. But he HAS my contact information. Two phone numbers, two e-mail addresses. And it's somehow ... INCONVENIENT to tell me that "Hey -- I'm kind of on the opposite end of the county today; so please don't drive yourself all the way down to the office." 

No, really.
He doesn't return phone calls. And ordinarly, I'd speak with a supervisor. But he's kind of the community outreach director; which means he *IS* the supervisor. I'm beginning to wonder if I can speak with a subordinate or something because come on now ... this is my deadline we're working with. When I was an editor at The Lariat; I wanted to tape a sign that said "REPORTERS THAT MISS DEADLINE SHALL BE SHOT AT DAWN" over my computer. To date: I only had one or two folks miss a deadline. And then I chewed them out, spit them out and publicly defamed them. (Well no, I didn't defame anyone. But I wanted to.) Point being: They never missed a deadline again. I'd hate to turn into a hypocrite.

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