Friday, November 7, 2008

Review of "Twilight"

I read Twilight today. No, really. I read more than 500 pages in 12 hours. I'm a quarter of the way through book #2. And quite honestly? I don't understand what the hell the hype is. People are swearing up and down that Edward & Bella are the model couple in terms of literary genius. And here's my reaction:

The manifestation of love between two people is never built purely on looks alone. Edward knows next to nothing about Bella and the source of his attraction is based on her "smell" and the way her blood tastes. Bella's fascination with Edward are on his physical perfection. They fall irrevocably in love with each other? I think not. It isn't the slightest bit realistic and it's what irritates the hell out of me. YES: it's fiction; I swear I understand that concept. NO: the characters are not literary genius. To be literary genius; your characters must be believable.

To my understanding, the process of love is generally a surge of Serotonin and God knows what else chemicals in the brain. To fall in love takes time. It doesn't happen simply because two beautiful people happen to cross paths. To Stephenie Meyer? Your books are riveting. You end your novels in between storylines, which entices the reader and is an extremely sneaky marketing techinique. I purchased subsequent novels out of sheer curiosity, not because I liked the novel.

PS: Have I considered writing professionally? Yes. Will I do it? Probably not. Will I publish my own novel and thus establish myself as someone whose opinion actually does mean anything? Probably not. But when I stuffed my face into a pillow and moaned "Oh my GOD how am I going to get a job?! PR is to the corporate world what the Arts is to the public school system; it's the first program to get cut!" ... my mother responded, "But you have a secondary skill. You're a great writer."

Why is it that everyone who tells me that is a BIASED opinion? I write blogs because I can. People read my blogs because I have an odd syntax and jargon.

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