Monday, January 31, 2011

Too Small!

This is ridiculous ... the only way I bumped into someone I went to high school with was when I made specific plans to meet that person.

In Maine?
I kid you not ... Drew bumps into people he went to high school with on a regular freakin basis. One of his fellow recruiters married the girl who babysat him. I work with a girl that went to high school with Drew. He went to middle school with the sister of the new Air Force recruiter.

Eff me running, does no one in this state leave Maine? Because it's freaking me out a little.

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  1. I think the military community is like that. I've run into people who knew my mom just because they recognized my last name. People who went to school with my sister, or running into friends of my friends. It's crazy how small the world can be.