Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not your mother's classical ...

I've played the flute and picc for 15 years now and have participated in my fair share of chamber ensembles, duets and trios ... but I gotta say, we've taken a break and goofed off a bit... but we've never let loose and done anything like this before:

Of course, these guys aren't goofing off. It's improvisation!
I respect this. Because I seriously lack the rhythm and skill to simultaneously play and beatbox.
I wonder if I know any cellists and bassists that are badass enough to be guinea pigs... we're all about improving our musicianship, I'll use the excuse that beatboxing improves dexterity on double and triple tonguing riffs.


  1. Didn't know you played the flute for so long! I'm a flutie, too- I've seen the videos of beatboxing flute and think it's pretty cool. I remember trying to sing and play at the same time, and that alone was really tough! If we can both learn to beatbox, I'll totally join you in a duet. :)

  2. Um, Jethro Tull is the music of my childhood. My mom listened to it all.the.time. Great inspiration if you like this kind of stuff. Ian Anderson is a bit a semi-god to my family. I don't do music (dancer here) but I respect people mad enough to make this work.