Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I know I haven't posted a blog in well, awhile. But I have good excuses.

1) Spent the day moving on Friday/Saturday
2) Worked most of the morning on Sunday
3) It's been 75+ here for a few days .. so you bet your behind I've been enjoying it to the best of my ability! (Read: splashing in the river with the pooch. Pooch didn't like it as much as Mom did.)
3) Came home from Olive Garden around 1 on account of the super pleasant weather and lack of guests in the restaurant ... and got the news that Drew's grandfather in PA with advanced esophogeal cancer was moved to hospice care, and that he hadn't worken up in 48 hours
4) We decided to sit tight for a few days, but I called out of the Olive Garden for the week in the event that we had to take off last minute
5) Around noon on Monday, we got the awful phone call that Poppi had passed away
6) We still have a boatload of unpacking to do before we leave for the wake and funeral on Thursday morning

In other words .... bare with me for another week or so. But I wanted to send a special good luck and good wishes to my very good friend Erin who is officially down at Lackland AFB for Air Force Basic Military Training!

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