Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can it be over yet??

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Seriously? Just past the 2 year mark?! On the one hand, I have a great job that I enjoy. On the other hand, however ... I wouldn't say no to moving somewhere new (IE: Marine Barracks Washington D.C.!!). But I wouldn't say that I'm looking forward to quitting my awesome job that took me 2 solid years to land. Involved a lot of blood, sweat, tears and hanging on by my fingernails.

Our experience here has been ... well, a positive one. I think it helped that a month or two in; I figured out that I can't wait around for him. If I'm hungry, I'll eat dinner and leave a plate for him in the fridge. If I want to see a movie? I go see a movie. All I can do is just be here; but I learned a long time ago that I need my own life, my own friends and my own priorities.
The Recruiting Duty Timeline:
by Jamie Lamarre Collins
Month 1 - 2
You are getting settled into your new surrounding - your hubby is getting to know his area and things are ok - hours not what you thought (way better as they are trying to ease him in lol)

Months 2-9
the Stress has hit - hours are now Crappy - your husband is tring to really establish is name and face in his area - he has forgotten that he has a family - wife - how to do a THING around the house - you NO longer matter to him - it is ONLY about the numbers.  [*** Disclaimer: this did NOT happen at our house. Crappy hours, yes. But I damn well mattered. If he happened to forget about me -- he heard about it. The singlemost important thing to him is family; and right now? That's me.]

Months 10 - 23
You are settled into all the stress (as much as one can) - this is actually "normal" now. You are content in the fact that you have made it this far and the light at the end of the tunnel is nearing

Month 24 - 26
You are SO DONE with all this crap! You are ready to know where you are going next - you are sitting on pins and needles (and dreaming and praying) WAITING on where your journey will send you next.

Month 27 - 32
You know you are leaving soon - you have your new duty station in the orders you are preparing for family to get back to the fleet. No matter how hard the stress is you really do not care any more - YOU ARE LEAVING SOON!

Months 33-36
Moving always comes so quickly - so much planning and such to do - these last 3 months are flying by and you wonder if you will get it all done before you leave - then bamn - NO MORE RD --- YOU HAVE SURVIVED!

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