Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cheater, Cheater Cherrio Eater.

Yesterday, I decided I was going to try the South Beach Diet, starting this morning. And here's the funny part ... I've already cheated. (FACEPALM!)

Here's the story.
I didn't go grocery shopping for the week like I usually do. I figured I'd do it this morning.
What I wasn't counting on? Sleeping in until 10:30.
I crawled out of bed, took the dog for a walk, sat down at the computer to assemble my meal plan for the week, made my grocery list ...

and now it's 11:30 in the morning and I'm starving.
So I grabbed the box of cheerios that was in the cupboard, measured out a 1C serving ... and I munched on it dry.

Keep in mind, this is phase 1 ... very specific meals and diet restrictions. Completely cuts out sugar, including the kind found in milk and fruit. Cereal is absolutely on the list of "DO NOT EAT".

But but but ... I was hungry! And it's not lunch time yet. And I have no South Beach Diet approved ingredients in my house yet.(Okay, and you know? Liquid Egg Substitute? How about: Hell the f*ck no.)

Also: I'm exhausted. And I can't have carbs or caffeine this week, either. Considering carbs are the brain's form of energy ... how exactly am I staying awake for the next 2 weeks? (I can however, still have black decaf coffee or tea with Splenda like I always do. But the decaf part doesn't help me.)

So this is me.
Raising my hands in defeat.
I cheated on my diet ... on day one ... with Cheerios. Awesome.

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  1. So, the physiology of phase 1: What happens when you don't take in sugars or carbohydrates your body is forced to metabolize proteins for energy. Normally we metabolize carbohydrates for energy, but now you don't have any of that. What it's doing is sending your body into what is called Ketosis (Metablizing proteins)... so when you eat carbs or "cheat" on something that isn't protein or a low glycemic veggie, you knock yourself out of ketosis, and it takes your body a couple days to get back into it... so you go back to square 1.

    Random fact of the day. That's what you get for having a science geek a friend. :)

    As far as eating cheerios. Don't be so hard on yourself. Just start tomorrow, and enjoy a nice carby sugary dinner. HA! :P